Memory building workshops with high school students

The Memory, Truth and Justice Program of the Secretariat for Human Rights carries out the project “Rescue of the Memory of the Government of Dr. Ragone” in the secondary establishments of the Capital. On this occasion, the student community of the second year of the Tomas Cabrera school worked together.

The call proposes the examination and reflection for the construction of collective memory on the management of the government of Ragone, what happened in Salta between the years 1973 and 1983 to generate awareness on the rights of the man and their violations and understand the fundamental concepts to analyze this period. which is characterized by the violation of human rights with the aim of raising awareness of March 24 as a day of remembrance for truth and justice.

In addition, this initiative is carried out within the framework of the Education and practice of human rights axis and its fundamental objective is to make contributions, to dimension the importance of democratic values, which build the paradigm of truth , memory and justice from the pedagogical approach in the classroom. .

The workshops are organized and coordinated by members of the Memory, Truth and Justice Program, Elia Fernández and Patricia Burgio. The day also included the participation of the director of the Archivo de la Memoria, Alba Fernández, and the testimony and experience of Nora Leonard, former political prisoner, reference for human rights and representative of the Lucrecia Association Boat.

Among the actions included in this initiative, various socio-educational strategies are promoted with graphic and oral documentary sources, which allow adolescents to approach historical processes and reflect on a memory exercise, from democratic values ​​that respect the human condition, both from the perspective of the past and the present.

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