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Rescue of 4 mountaineers on the Almanzor summit of the Sierra de Gredos

The Civil Protection Relief Group rescued four climbers on Almanzor Peak, the tallest in Avila Sierra de Gredos, with 2,591 meters, having difficulty going down from this point towards the Laguna Grande, in the middle of the circus of the mountain range.

The event happened a few minutes before 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, in an area located in the municipality of Zapardiel de la Ribera, as reported by the 112 emergency service.

At this time, the 112 received advice that four climbers were having trouble descending to Laguna Grande from the Almanzor, after descending a gorge from which they were attempting to ascend to the highest peak of Gredos.

However, they encountered difficulties in a complicated area, which required the intervention of a rescue helicopter for the four climbers who were uninjured, although one of the climbers had a minor foot ailment.

The Civil Protection Emergency Coordination Center was informed, the rescue helicopter was mobilized, which went to the area with two rescuers, together with the Civil Guard, the Avila fire brigade and the Sacyl’s health emergencies have been notified.

Once in the area, rescuers located the climbers in a channel, where they accessed it by “hovering helicopter jump”, then uploading them to the plane with the “hovering partial skid support”.

Finally, the three climbers were transferred to the Laguna Grande refuge in Gredos.

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