La Jornada – Canada replaces Mexico as the United States’ largest trading partner

Mexico. In the last month of 2021 alone, Mexico lost the crown as the United States’ top trading partner, measured by the sum of the value of imports and exports between the two countries, closing the year in second place below Canada and above China, the US Census Bureau revealed on Tuesday.

Data from the US agency indicates that from January to December 2021, total trade between Mexico and the United States amounted to 661.2 billion dollars, which represented 14.4% of the 4 trillion 887 billion dollars traded by the main world power in goods. year.

Above was Canada with a total trade of 664 thousand 800 million dollars, which is equivalent to 14.5% of American trade, and below Mexico was China with 657 thousand 400 million dollars, or 14 .3% of US trade.

For most of 2021, Mexico has positioned itself as the United States’ main trading partner; however, towards the end of the year they were losing strength and were overtaken last month by Canada. In this way, our country took second place for the second time, given that in 2020 the first site was Chinese.

The last year Mexico took the top spot was 2019, when with $614.5 billion it accounted for 14.8% of US trade.

The sum of 661 thousand 200 million dollars between Mexico’s exports and imports with the United States in 2021, according to the Census Bureau, is 22.8% compared to 538 thousand 100 million in 2020, however, this does not was not enough to overcome the dynamism of Canadian trade with the United States.

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