Know the process to obtain a work visa in Canada

Job offers in Canada have attracted interest from Ecuadorians and online scams. But the Canadian authorities ensure that the procedure is free and does not require intermediaries.

The government of Quebec, Canada, announced in August that more than 50 companies of this country needed Ecuadorian labor in sectors such as communication technologyconstruction, manufacturing and food processing.

The first application process was opened online from August 23 to September 27, 2021.

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The second started on December 14 and ends on January 24 2022. Interviews will take place between February 14 and 25 for the following professions:

  • Management.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Audiovisual production.
  • Health.
  • Information technology.
  • Transport and mechanics.

The Canadian authorities insist on the fact that the steps to apply for a work visa are free and that no intermediary is necessary. The interested person must enter the address and follow the usual procedure.

Vanessa Cortés, Colombian-Canadian migration consultant in Quebecexplains that the immigration process to work in Canada depends on the region interested in hiring.

For a work permit, Cortés says, the employer must prove to the Canadian government that they have not found another local person in that country to perform these tasks.

In Canada, there is a significant labor shortagesays Cortés, caused by the increase in the population that is no longer economically active.

“Many foreign companies come to invest in Canada and need workers. They create jobs, but there are no employees.

Vanessa Cortés, migration consultant in Quebec.

“Sometimes the employer pays for the work permit, which costs between 4,000 and 7,000 USD. There is another modality, when there is a special program which consists of free trade agreements between countries or mobility for those who speak French, ”explains Cortés.

Ecuador does not have a free trade agreement with Canada, unlike Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico, countries with which immigration procedures tend to be more agile.

But a work permit can be applied for as long as the applicant has a job offer from a company that is willing to hire them.

“In this case, the employer does not have to prove anything, just pay 230 USD and then apply for the permit.”

The applicant can travel with his family. These work visas they are temporary and last between two and three yearswith the possibility of renewal, if the employer continues to need the services of the person he hired.

online scams

Cortes indicates that there is online scam case in the supply of visas that arrive through unofficial channels.

One of the most common is the announcement that Canada needs 200 employees for Latinos and that the interested party must pay 2000 USD to apply.

Another illegal offer is offering work permits in four weeks or processing resumes in exchange for large sums of money “and it doesn’t work that way,” Cortés says.

The advice consists of a study of the profile of the person, in which it is analyzed the type of immigration process that is right for the individual to achieve their goal of immigrating to Canada.

The first step is to find out about visa requirements and type of activities available.

It is important that CVs respect the Canadian format, that is, they should not include photos, date of birth, nationality or religion.

The important thing, says Cortés, is to detail the candidate’s experience in the required field.

“It is not enough to explain that you worked in a company, but what you did concretely in these functions”, explains the consultant.

Processes take time: residency can take between 12 and 18 monthsWhile for a work permit, four months.

Canada is a popular destination for Latin Americans. Of the 500 requests received per month, at least 100 are Ecuadorian.

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