Justin Trudeau will take action to guarantee the right to abortion in Canada

Toronto (Canada), May 11 (EFE).- The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, said on Wednesday that he wanted to ensure that women’s right to terminate pregnancy cannot be limited in the future.

Trudeau told reporters that the government will ensure that women’s rights are protected in Canada and that it studies how to maintain them in the years to come.

Canada is looking for ways to protect this right, while in the United States it is possible that the Supreme Court limit or cancel access to abortion next month.

Canadian Ministers of Health, Jean-Yves Duclosand of Women and gender equality, Marc Ienreported on Wednesday that the Government will improve throughout the country the access to pregnancy termination services and that it will allocate 3.5 million Canadian dollars (2.7 million US dollars) to facilitate the medical procedure.

This figure is in addition to the millions of dollars that the Canadian Ministry of Health granted in recent months to other programs that improve access to Abortion.

Duclos pointed out that the possible failure of the United States Supreme Court on abortion shows that we must continue to defend reproductive rights Women’s.

Although in Canada abortion is decriminalizedand since 1988, women can end their pregnancy at any time, there is no legislation in this regard and access to services is very unequal to the point that in some areas it is impossible to perform the operation.

For his part, Ien reaffirmed the commitment of the The Trudeau government facilitate the arrival in Canada of American women who want to terminate your pregnancy in the neighboring country if the Supreme Court revokes the protection against abortion.

Shortly before the announcement of Duclos and Ien, those responsible for the Coalition for Life Campaign (CCV), one of the main Canadian organizations opposing the right of women to decide, held a press conference in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, ahead of an anti-abortion rally tomorrow in Ottawa.

At the conference, CCV director Jack Fonseca accused Trudeau of being an “extremist abortionist” and said the leak just over a week ago of the draft US Supreme Court ruling States is cause for hope for his movement. EFE

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