Justin Bieber has included Argentina in his musical tour after almost ten years

Buenos Aires, Jul 20 (EFE).- Canadian singer Justin Bieber announced this Wednesday that his state of health has improved and that he plans to continue his “Justice World Tour”, where he has set his sights on Argentina next September 10 and 11 in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, after almost 10 years since his last visit.

Bieber’s tour kicked off last May and will end in March 2023 on a trip where he will travel 5 continents, visit more than 20 countries and perform at least 90 dates, while in the South American country , he will give his concerts at the Single Stadium. from La Plata.

Bieber will sing again after having to postpone his tour due to facial paralysis caused by “Ramsay Hunt” syndrome, which occurs when an outbreak of shingles affects nerves in the face and can impair hearing.

The singer previously suffered from Lyme disease caused by bacteria which is transmitted to certain species of ticks, symptoms include: skin rashes, fatigue and fever, which usually last between weeks and years for heal.

The “Justice World Tour” is named after his last album released in March 2021, which debuted as the most played recording in 117 countries, according to the artist’s Latin American production company in a statement.

The record amassed nearly 9 billion streams worldwide, thanks to international hits “Anyone”, “Lonely” and “Holy”, which had already amassed 2 billion streams before the album’s release.

Named “Artist of the Year” at the “MTV Video Music Awards”, Bieber started at the age of 13 and has released 6 studio albums with sales exceeding 80 million copies.

Last year, he broke Elvis Presley’s mark as the youngest solo artist to have 8 albums hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


The Canadian will return to Argentina after his visit in 2013, where he then had to appear before a judge due to a legal case for assaulting a photographer, suspending a recital due to “stomach pains” and receiving severe reviews after sweeping the floor. stage with a country flag.

Midway through the recital, an audience member threw an Argentine flag at him, and the performer decided to use it as a broom until he removed it from the stage.

On this occasion, the singer-songwriter published a series of tweets as an apology, assuring that “he thought it was a t-shirt” and that “he did not want to disrespect His fans”.

Additionally, he suspended the concert, with no ticket refunds, minutes after the start due to an alleged stomach ache.

On the other hand, Bieber was denounced in court the same year for having incited his bodyguards to beat the photographer Diego Pesoa in the “Ink” nightclub in the Buenos Aires district of Palermo.

In 2016, he had to appear by videoconference at the Argentine consulate in Los Angeles (USA) before an Argentine judge who ordered his investigative statement, however, the pop idol heard the accusations and refused to testify.

A year later, he was found innocent of the charges brought by the National Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Appeals, through its Chamber V, which decided to drop the charges and fire Bieber for lack of evidence.

Although the decision is contrary to what was condemned in the first instance, this judicial measure allowed Bieber to include Argentina among his annual tours.

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