Justin Bieber Foro Sol: without “playback” and speaking Spanish, it was his concert

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Canadian singer Justin Bieber found this Wednesday the Mexican public in the Foro Sol, this time without readingmore energetic and speaking Spanish – with his “Justice” tour, to a packed house at Mexico City’s Foro Sol where he called for unity and condemned racist acts around the world.

This is a tour of unity and acceptance. We are all equal. In this world there is a lot of division and a lot of racial injustice.. We can make a difference, we can be together and unite, racism is evil!” said the 28-year-old singer, who returned to the country after five years of absence.

How long was Justin Bieber’s concert at Foro Sol?

For one hour and 45 minutes, the Canadian entertained more than 57,000 Mexicans who came together to sing all the songs he presented between fireworks and euphoria.

“Thanks a lot, I’m so grateful to be here, it’s the best place I could be“.

“I have to say I love you, I love you, I love you with all my heart,” Bieber said. pronouncing in Spanish the last words he assured, he had just learned.

Huge superimposed screens where images of the desert and the mountains were projected, Bieber paraded entirely dressed in black on a catwalk that in the meantime he shared with dancers to perform songs like “Somebody”, hits like “Hold On”, “Where Are Ü Now” and “Yummy” for the first block.

What songs did he sing?

The song “Love yourself” was one of the most sung along with “All that Matters” and “Ghost” which put a more romantic and calm atmosphere in the room in which even the “believers”, as their supporters call themselves, turned on their mobile phone camera and kept shouting his name.

However, the most emotional moment of the evening was with the song “2 Much”, where the singer was moved to tears and the song “Lonely,” in which Bieber expresses how difficult it has been to be exposed as a public figure since he was a teenager.

The closing of the concert was with the well-known songs “Baby” with which he became famous in 2010; “peaches”which he performed while playing the piano, and closed with “Anyone” to the cheers of the audience.

The Canadian has been embraced by millions of Mexican fans since his debut over a decade ago. and since then, ticket sales for their concerts have generated unforgettable moments in the country, as when they were sold out, hundreds of young people showed their displeasure to tears and videos were picked up on the internet.

Two years after its debut, justin bieber He traveled to Mexico to give a concert at the Zócalo and in 2017 his visit left much to be desired by disappointing his audience with the excessive use of playback.

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