Justin Bieber: Everything is ready! Guadalajara ‘Beliebers’ expect meeting on March 3

The surroundings of Estadio 3 de Marzo, in Guadalajara, are gradually beginning to fill with “beliebers”, fans who will meet this Saturday evening Justin Bieber, who as part of his “Justice World Tour” arrives in Jalisco, after having packed their presentations in Mexico City and Monterrey.

After the great expectations that have been forged with the videos and testimonials of Mexican fans who have already attended the “Justice World Tour”, the fans of Guadalajara predict a good show with which they will be able to see Justin’s greatest hits again.

“I started being a fan of Justin Bieber when I was 14, I was in high school and the first songs I heard were ‘Baby’ and ‘One time’. I went to his first concert, at the time in the Federal District, at Foro Sol, it was incredible, super incredible”, comments Frida Oros, who with her ticket ready for the forecourt, remembers how complicated it was to get a ticket. that the box office collapsed after activating tickets on its digital platform in November 2021.

“It was difficult to buy a ticket, because the ticketing platforms obviously did not have the capacity to support so much demand. We had to ask three other people to queue in front of other devices to have a better chance of getting a ticket. There were three times that the card was rejected, it was necessary to insist and not leave the page. Fortunately, one of the people who lined up in the virtual queue for me was able to buy my ticket.

After the uncertainty of being one of the thousands of people from Guadalajara who got to see Justin Bieber live, Frida shares the emotion of being able to sing her favorite hits like “Intentions”, “Love you different” and “Peaches”. , for example: “I would like him to sing more, but these are past albums, so I will stick to my current favorites”.

It is well known that if there is something that distinguishes Justin, it is the general public that has accompanied him in his various stages and projects, both personal and professional, for which Frida, confessing to being a great admirer of the ” hueso colorado”, considers that beyond the “fandom”, the popularity of the Canadian is due to the style that he managed to impose on stage and to the concept of his songs.

“I think Justin Bieber maintains his popularity, based, of course, on his ‘fandom’, but it’s important to understand that new generations add to the taste for his music and his performances. When you’re a fan of an artist you have tendency to humanize him after idolizing him.When there’s conflict and gossip, at least I think he’s just another human who makes mistakes, but with the big difference of being in the public eye and to carry the wave of “being the example”. It is to be expected that the artist will grow, so will his audience. His new stage as a married man, focused and believing in a religious force, makes him better for new (smaller) audiences so that the fandom grows in. When you get attached to an artist early on, you get attached to a kind of loyalty,” says Frida.

Dante Guillén, spokesperson for Zigina Live, pointed out that tonight a full house is expected in the stadium, with 20,000 spectators, and thus ends Justin’s tour in Mexico.

And the traffic?

Although vehicular load and chaos usually reigns at international shows in Guadalajara venues, various fans have expressed their decision to avoid conflict to arrive on time at the March 3 Stadium, located on Avenida Patria .

Until 7:00 p.m., traffic on Avenida Patria promises to be dense, but fluid, going from north to south, in addition to the support of the traffic police station with elements distributed at each corner to avoid collapses and speed up the arrival not only from the fans. , but also relatives, and mainly parents, who have chosen to bring their sons, daughters, nephews and all kinds of relatives and friends, and thus help in the event of an unforeseen event to enjoy the show in a timely manner, taking advantage also from this from 5:30 p.m. the doors were opened to avoid crowds in the queues and to access the filters.



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