Japanese PM may attend NATO summit for first time in history

Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan Kiyoshi Ota/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, considering the possibility of attending the NATO summit at the end of this month in Madrid in what would be the first participation of a head of the Japanese government in a meeting of the Western alliance.

Japanese government sources told the official Japanese news agency this Saturday, KyodoNewsthat the visit of Kishida in Madrid on June 29 and 30 will depend above all on the internal political situation in his country.pending an election to the House of Councilors (the upper house of Japan’s parliament) likely to be held on July 10.

In reality, there are differing opinions both within the government and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on the participation of Kishida, since the calendar of the NATO summit comes up against the start, scheduled for June 22, of the official campaign for the elections.

If you go there, the Japanese government sources hope Kishida’s attendance at the NATO summit will enhance coordination with the United States and European countries to respond to Russia’s war in Ukraine and possible contingencies over the Taiwan Strait.

FILE PHOTO: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes
FILE PHOTO: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Kishida plans to travel to the Spanish capital after attending a three-day summit of the Group of Seven industrialized countries from June 26 in Germany, according to sources.

Australia, New Zealand and South Korea have also been invited to attend the NATO summit as partner countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

South Korea asked Japan about the possibility of a first face-to-face meeting between Kishida and President Yoon Suk Yeol on the sidelines of the summit, the sources said, while the two countries tried to mend their strained relations on disagreements over war issues.

Kishida and Yoon had phone conversations in March after Yoon won the presidential election. and agreed to meet directly at an early date.

US President Joe Biden with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (Zhang Xiaoyu/Pool via REUTERS)
US President Joe Biden with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (Zhang Xiaoyu/Pool via REUTERS)

Assistance from Japan and other non-NATO countries would provide a strong message of solidarity to the international community for the Ukrainian crisis.

Kishida strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukrainedenouncing it as an attempt to use force to change the status quo in violation of international law.

Japan coordinated with other G-7 members (Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United States plus the European Union) to impose sanctions against Russia to force her to stop her aggression.

Kishida also asked prevent a similar crisis from occurring in the Indo-Pacific region, where China’s authoritarian moves have heightened tensions.

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