Jalisco prosecutor investigates attack on Carreño for his journalistic work

After the attack on the journalist Susana Carreno in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, the pursuit of the State opened a line of inquiry related to the journalistic work of the victim.

On July 1, Carreño was stabbed and injured in the modern colony. At that time, the prosecution clarified that the reason for the attack was due to the theft of his vehicle.

However, a survey of Informative sign mentions that the journalist and a companion were directly attackedwhich shows that the motive was not the theft.

Photo: Facebook Susana Carreno

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Timeline of the attack

At around 12:30 p.m. and 10 meters from the premises of the Carreño workplace, a van jeep grand cherokee He collided with Susana’s car, so the reporter got out of her car and approached the other car.

At that moment, two people arrived on a motorbike, threatened her with firearms and forced her to lie on the ground, hitting her and attacking her twice with a kitchen knife, according to the authorities. elements of the investigation file.

An informative signal points out that after stabbing her, the men tried to escape on the motorcycle and the Gran Cherokee, but there was a front tire failure, so the attackers took Susana’s truck to flee the premises.

The same day, the journalist’s truck was abandoned about 15 kilometers from the place of the attack, so the hypothesis of an attempted theft does not hold.

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After the attack on journalist Susana Carreño, relatives, friends and colleagues from the journalists’ union demonstrated to demand that the Jalisco public prosecutor’s office and the government of Enrique Alfaro continue the investigation.

The attack on the director of Radio Universidad comes after the murder of Anthony of the Cross in the city of Victoria, Tamaulipaswho is he twelfth journalist murdered so far this year.

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