It is the countries of America that have detected cases

Monkeypox is a disease that hit Africa for years; however, in recent weeks around 200 cases have been detected in several European countries and more recently on the American continent.

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nations like ANDUnited States, Canada, Argentina and Mexico So far they have reported one case of monkeypox.

United States

So far, US health authorities have reported one confirmed case of monkeypox in Massachusetts, in a man who may have been infected in Canada, as well as another in New York. Additionally, on May 21, a third possible case of monkeypox was reported in Florida.


In the maple leaf nation, it is another of the countries with the most cases, having 15 confirmed monkeypox patients, including 10 in Quebec. However, Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said more cases are expected to be reported in the coming days as more samples are being tested.


Argentina was the first country in Latin America to confirm a case of monkeypox, after yesterday a patient who recently traveled to Spain tested positive on a PCR test. A few hours later, he confirmed the second case in the country, in a Spanish resident who is visiting the province of Buenos Aires and who has no connection with the first patient detected.


On the morning of this Saturday, May 28, the sUndersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell reported that the first case of smallpox had been detected of the monkey in Mexico and it is a patient from New York, who may have been infected in Holland and is attended in Mexico City.

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suspected cases


Last Thursday, the health authorities of The Bolivian region of Santa Cruz reported a suspected case of monkeypox, that he is a young man of 26, who exhibits some of the symptoms of the disease and that he had contact with two people from Spainaccording to a press release from the Santa Cruz government.


On Friday, the Ministry of Health of Ecuador has activated an epidemiological fence on a person coming from Africa and his relatives, suspecting that he might be infected with monkeypox.

In a press release, he specifies that it is a male patient, unrelated to the epidemic recorded in Europe, who presented symptoms related to this disease such as fever and skin lesions, for which he remains in solitary confinement. The samples taken from the patient have been sent to a laboratory which will have the results in the coming days.

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