Indiana state GOP opens special legislative session to debate near-total abortion ban

Big titleJul 26, 2022

In reproductive rights news, dozens of incoming medical students at the University of Michigan walked out of their induction ceremony on Sunday to protest ceremony speaker Dr. Kristin Collier and her support for laws banning abortion. In related news, thousands of people gathered inside and outside the Indiana House of Representatives on Monday as lawmakers began a special session to debate a government-sponsored bill. GOP that would ban virtually all abortions. Indiana is the first state to hold a special legislative session to consider abortion rights since the Supreme Court last month overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade who had ruled on the legalization of abortion throughout the United States. Those are the words of obstetrician and abortion rights advocate Amy Caldwell.

Dr. Amy Caldwell“My main purpose today in stating is to convey that abortion is common, it is safe and all the restrictions proposed in the Fetal Heartbeat Protection Act are unnecessary and harmful. […] My colleagues are afraid to do their job, they are afraid of being criminalized and they are afraid of criminalizing patients.

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