If necessary, AMLO would send a letter to Biden to defend his energy policy

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that If necessary, he will send a letter to Joe Biden. to explain the energy controversy.

Reiterating that he has a good relationship with the President of the United StatesAMLO assured that his government defends the Mexican people and hopes that the United States does not support the claims that benefit companies he has called corrupt.

鈥淚t already looks like the US government is going to expose itself to us by telling us that it supports corrupt people! I would send a letter to President Biden. Say: hey, do you agree that a Mexican family should pay proportionally more for electricity than what a company like Oxxo pays? Is that what you’re defending?

Of course, President Biden doesn’t even think about it. It’s about those ultra-conservative interests, used to looting, stealing, that’s the job of the chairman of the board of Iberdrola, who were used to looting and owned, or felt they owned, the country , but that has already changed.

During his morning conference, the Mexican president said that the disagreement on the part of the EU will be clarified and assured that there will be no problem, since his government acts on the basis of the Constitution.

鈥淲e will receive the proposal, it will be analyzed, this must be done by the Secretary of Energy. There is no problem. Everything we do on energy is consistent with our Constitution, with our laws.

鈥淲e will respond to them quickly, we will even make it public. We act in the public interest, defending the Mexican people against voracious corporations accustomed to stealing.
“One thing is the interests, the politics of the United States, and another thing is the interests of Iberdrola, Oxxo, Reforma, they are different things.

He reiterated that Canadian and American entrepreneurs will invest $40 billion in the energy sector, particularly in the southeast of the country.

The United States accuses Mexico of having a energy policy focused on restoring the primacy of CFE and PEMEXwhich is considered discriminatory.

“We have repeatedly expressed serious concerns about a series of changes in Mexico’s energy policies and their consistency with Mexico’s commitments under the T-MEC,” Ambassador Katherine Tai said, according to the released document. by the United States government.

“We have tried to work constructively with the Mexican government to address these concerns, but unfortunately American companies continue to face unfair treatment in Mexico.”

The call for consultation requested by the United States comes a week after President Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador held a meeting at the White House with his counterpart Joe Biden. During the meeting, the leaders discussed migration issues, inflation control measures and investments in Mexico.

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