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the rapper Duck again generates news, this time very controversial with a possible lawsuit included. A news report about the Canadian has started circulating in which it is claimed he used a condom with hot sauce after being intimate with a model.

The interpreter of Hotline Bling he allegedly inserted the edible into her used condom in order to prevent her sperm from being stolen, thus avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

What would be a ritual for the singer could earn him a lawsuit from the model, who suffered burns to her private parts after trying to insert the sperm that was inside the condom. Well, the young woman, who would have known about it thanks to Instagram, would have gone to the toilet to collect the discarded latex and launch her plan.

depending on the medium The National, the rapper admitted to using hot sauce on his condom, but so far has not commented. The identity of the model has not yet been revealed either.

Drake is one of the best-selling singers in the United States, in December he gave up his Grammy nominations in the category of best rap performance, for the song Way 2 Sexy, your best rap album, for Certified lover. (AND)

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