Here’s how you can process Canadian citizenship if you’re Mexican

Canada It has become one of the best countries to live in due to its high quality of life, which is why many Mexicans want to get their canadian citizenship.

Moreover, contrary to what happens in United Statesthe country of the maple leaf has promoted new policies to make it easier for foreigners, especially Latinos, to obtain better job opportunities and legal residency.

If your dream is to obtain Canadian citizenship and move to the North American country, we will tell you what the main requirements are.

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Requirements for Canadian Citizenship

According to Canadian immigration authorities, the essential requirements that Mexicans must meet to obtain citizenship in the country are:

  • Have permanent resident status.
  • You must be physically in Canada for at least 3-5 years before applying.
  • Comply with the tax return.
  • Pass the Canada Knowledge Test.
  • Proof of knowledge of one or two official languages ​​of Canada, English or French.
  • Not having a criminal record.

Individuals who meet all of the above requirements can begin the Canadian citizenship application process, which costs up to $630.

The process is divided into three stages, the first is an online registration and then take a knowledge test on rightsobligations, history, geography, symbols, form of government and Canadian economy.

In addition, during the exam, your level of understanding and handling of English or French will also be assessed.

After passing the exam, candidates will move on to the third phase, where a ceremony will take place to officially sign the documents that prove your Canadian citizenship.

By doing so, you will be able to process your passport and even participate in public government positions.

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