Health tourism generates more than 13,000 million pesos in the DR per year – Tourism News

For the concept of health tourism in the Dominican Republic more than 13,000 million pesos per year are billed, according to the president of the Dominican Health Tourism Association (ADTS), Alejandro Cambiaso.

“117,000 international patients are seen in the country, including 47,725 for medical tourism; about 69,000 for tourist medicine,” he reported.

He explained that health tourism has a “very important” transversal effect because it generates well-paid jobs, attracts Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and local investments, but also foreign currencies and the transfer of technology and knowledge. , and strengthens medicine for all Dominicans and tourists. who come to the country.

In addition, he revealed that in the Dominican Republic, investments are being made in the health tourism sector that amount to approximately 500 million dollars, according to Diario Libre.

“Significant new investment is underway in hospitals, with hotels including, as is the case with Homs in Santiago; new project between santiago Yes The Vega; new projects in holy sunday; new outpatient projects, with investments of around $500 million, which is great news,” he said.

Regarding the most requested services in health tourism, Cambiaso indicated that the procedures most sought after by tourists in the Dominican Republic are dentistry, especially those related to dental implants. Also, cosmetic dentistry and other dental services.

“In second place, plastic surgery. Third (are) also other surgeries ranging from orthopedics, cardiovascular part, fertility. “We are starting to strongly strengthen the ophthalmology niche, among others,” he said.

He explained that when they seek health services, they now see more patients, especially absent Dominicans who come from New Yorkbut also from the Caribbean islands, in particular Turks and Caicos Islandsof San Martin and other destinations, and also North American and Canadian, but for different reasons.

“In United States there are more than 40 million people who do not have medical insurance, more than 120 million people who do not have dental insurance, and the costs of treatment are very high and can be provided in the Dominican Republic with quality and at more attractive costs”, highlighted.

He said that in Canada something different happens because there is social security and people have access to it, however, the waiting lists are very long for elective procedures. So he indicated that sometimes for orthopedic problems they have to wait a year and even a year and a half for elective surgery. Instead, they can come to the Dominican Republic to undergo this process and recuperate in a hot climate and see the tourist attractions.

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