“Have a nice day in Canada”; press reactions to statements by Marcelo Flores

Marcelo Flores with the Mexican national team. Photo: Twitter @miselectcionmxFR

The statements of Marcelo Flores about them intentions and interests to represent Mexico or Canada landed in the middle of the tricolor team. The Arsenal footballer assured that although his interest is to definitely wear the Mexican jacket, he still does not close the possibility of changing his mind, since those of the Maple Leaf The doors are open to you to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup with them.

In addition to the national coach himself Gerard Martino, it was the press and sports analysts who reacted to it. Some have argued that the young footballer still needs to establish himself as a player at club level before he can be considered at international level with a national team. Flores, 18, plays in English football in the lower categories of the Gunners and has three nationalities.

“For Marcelo Flores to have the opportunity to play with Mexico in the World Cup must start in the Premier League first with Arsenal…” he said. David Fatelson, analyst for the ESPN channel, via his Twitter account. And it is that, the footballer was called up to be part of the first team of his club, however, he did not have minutes in the English top flight.

(Picture: Twitter/@ArsenalAcademy)
(Picture: Twitter/@ArsenalAcademy)

Another strong question came from Rene Tovaralso a member of ESPN, who directly pointed out the conditioning the athlete did to play or not play with the Sorting. “If Marcelo Flores’ decision is to see which team takes him to the World Cup, with that he plays… Good day in Canada. In Mexico, they have to fight for elements that really want to play for Mexico, not that it suits them to play for Mexico. We already have them… “, he launched.

However, there were also those who defended what Flores said. Javier Alarcon maintained that what had been declared by the footballer was part of his right and pointed out to the father for your response. “Marcelo has every right to opt for the team that offers him to go to the World Cup. Neither more nor less Mexican if you go through Mexico or Canada. I think Martino slipped up with his statement. Was it him or was he asked?

But what did the technician say?

At a press conference before friendly match against GuatemalaArgentinian-born coach went public with his disagreement with Flores’ approach. Moreover, when asked about a potential Qatar 2022 call-up, Tata was skeptical.

Photos: gettyimages Twitter/@miseleccionmxFR
Photos: gettyimages Twitter/@miseleccionmxFR

“He didn’t define it. It’s not good, nor is the speculation that he will play with the national team that will take him to the World Cup. He has to consolidate first, be clear about the team he is going to play for and not speculate that he will play for a team that will take him to the World Cup. It’s hard to say what his chances are, what doesn’t seem logical to me is that his decision depends on which team guarantees him a World Cup,” Martino said.

The Arsenal element lives its second call with the first team of the Mexican national team. He received his first call-up in a match against Chile in December 2021, but being friendly, FIFA does not officially recognize the debut. This is why Flores always has the freedom to choose, in any case, those of the Maple Leaf.

When and at what time?: Wednesday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. Central Mexico Time.

Where?: At Camping World Stadium, in the city of Orlando, Florida.

Transmission: Thanks to the signals of TUDN and TV Azteca.


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