GP Canada F1 2022: A Canadian minister “reduces” Vettel’s demagogue speech

Sebastian Vettel found in Canada someone who stands up to his words of course environmental activism . The German seems to study, before traveling, the local conflict in which his speech full of demagoguery could fit and after his arrival in Montreal it was the one with the twing of trees, in the so-called tarlands of the Alberta regionto extract the oil.

“I think what’s going on in Alberta is a crime because they’re cutting down a bunch of trees and trashing the whole place basically to get oil,” said the German at the previous press conference on Thursday.

The Sonya Savage, Alberta Regional Minister of Energy didn’t shy away from responding to someone whose lifestyle is based on cars that burn fossil fuels and move Cirque from place to place on planes every week with its consequent footprint for the environment.

“I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy over the years, but this one takes the cake. A driver sponsored by Aston Martin, with funding from Saudi Aramco (Saudi oil company), complains about the tar sands. Saudi Aramco has largest daily production of crude oil in the world. It is the company that emits the most global emissions since 1965,” said the Canadian official.

“Instead of demonizing the tar sands, which are part of the transition to carbon neutrality, people should be concerned about reducing their own carbon footprint. Pedal cars for Formula 1, perhaps? offered sarcastically.

Vettel calls himself a hypocrite

“I’m a bit disappointed when politicians take it on a personal level, because it’s not about me, it’s global. Yes, I’m a hypocrite for making a living like this or doing what I love. We all have different passions,” he said in an equally ironic tone.

“Look forward there are solutions to make Formula 1 more sustainable and not dependent on fossil fuels. The future is exciting, in that sense. I think it’s disappointing that we take it on a personal level instead of looking at the bigger picture. What really matters is the message that we need to make a change and move away from fossil fuels. We need to start basing our way of life on renewable energy. That’s what I’m trying to fix.” argued using the first person.

A few weeks ago, a true icon of German motorsport, world rally champion Walter Rohrlcriticized his position and I urged him to leave F1 out of sheer consistency.

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