Goes to UTPN for the high level of English of its students

Ciudad Juárez.- The Technological University Paso del Norte (UTPN) of Ciudad Juárez has announced that it wants its students to increase their level of English, for which it has carried out a series of actions and adjustments within the Academy.

Through a statement, it was reported that two coordinators will be responsible for generating strategies for students to have better preparation in managing English. Ana María Gallegos Macías will be in charge of the morning shift and Laura Patricia Hernández Castro will do the same for the evening shift.

Adjustments to the English Academy are made due to the requirements of the region in which the university is located, as well as the presence of foreign companies that need bilingual talent.

Gallegos Macías stressed that the objective is to improve the teaching-learning process through the use of new technologies and techniques.

“As part of the restructuring, we are managing a platform in pilot plan, which is of Canadian origin and which is called “Smart English”, we are working on it two hours a week, in addition to two hours a week during conversation. What is sought is a better development of communication, so that they can develop their skills to make themselves understood by others,” he explained.

For his part, Hernández Castro pointed out that a work plan has been carried out that includes academic and recreational activities to promote the best acquisition of the language, “which is why we have established a schedule for this four-month period” , he added.

It has been reported that among the aspects that have been added as part of these improvements, is devoting 10 to 15 minutes in each class to simulate a job interview, in which they must respond in English, since as part of reference European students must progress from level B1 to level B2, that is to say from the basic intermediate level, to the advanced intermediate level.

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