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After the merger of the companies Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) and Kansas City Southit has one goal in sight, the construction of the first rail network that connects Canada, United States and Mexicothis with the intention of promoting trade in the three nations.

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It is the construction which will bear the name of CPKCwho will have more 32 thousand kilometers railway line that will connect the main logistics points of Mexico, United States Yes Canada serve and promote the automotive, energy and agricultural grain industries.

What do we know about this rail network?

According CEO and president of Kansas City South, Patrick Ottemeyerthe rail network will run along Canadawill cross the Midwest of United States to finally connect with the northeast of Mexico.

In a statement, the company said that for its creation, “two railways that have focused on providing services to their customers will be used”, for which it will provide new services and competitive transport options, which will stimulate the economic growth of North America.

The President and CEO of zipper, Keith Creel describes that this iron network occurs at the best time, since each time the USMCA signed between the three countries, gives greater relevance to the integration of the supply chain in the North of the country.

Which sectors will benefit from this rail network?

The companies concerned pointed out that this the project will generate better and more competitive alternatives for service providers.

Creel indicated that with the construction of the project, the sectors of grain, automotive, car parts Yes energythanks to the efficiency and simplicity of common network. This will help the recipients of the product to increase their production.

Where would the railway network pass?

Although the line of travel may change, Patrick Ottemeyer pointed out that the railway network is designed to cross the ports of Vancouver Yes Saint Jeanin Canada; to connect with the Midwest region of EU in Texas Yes New Orleans; to finally get out Brownsville That is Laredo a New Leo Yes Tamaulipasin Mexico to go down through the states of San Luis Potosi, Querétaro, CDMX Yes Veracruz.

Despite the advancement of these details, the administrators have reserved a tentative date for the completion of construction and the start of operations.


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