Former minister of Scioli in the province and current official of Wado de Pedro: who is Silvina Batakis

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Silvina Aida Batakis will be the replacement Martin Guzman and will assume the functions of Minister of Economy in the next few hours, after the agreement reached by the President Alberto Fernandez and the vice president Cristina Kirchner. official of Edward of Peter at the Ministry of the Interior, she has experience as Minister of the Economy in the cabinet of Daniel Scioli in the Province of Buenos Aires.

More than a day after Guzmán’s departure, Batakis was the name of the consensus that emerged at the leadership of the Front de tous to occupy the Palacio de Hacienda. Until now, Batakis held the post of secretary of the provinces of the ministry of the Interior, a post with a strong political imprint and in relation to the governors.

Batakis will arrive at a Palacio de Hacienda which will face a number of pressing challenges and will seek to avoid a financial impact due to the change in cabinet. In addition, it must define the economic course with which the government of Alberto Fernandez and whether it will continue to work within the framework of the objectives agreed with the International Monetary Fund.

Born in Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, on December 27, 1968, Batakis is graduated in economics from the University of La Plata and with a master’s degree in public finance and another in environmental economics at New York University. In addition, he has a doctorate in economic development from the University of Quilmes, in 2016.

Batakis was an important figure in the relationship between the Casa Rosada and the governors
Batakis was an important figure in the relationship between the Casa Rosada and the governors

She has held various positions in public administration since 1992: Director of Free Zones, Provincial Director of Environmental Economics and Alternative Energies at the Provincial Body for Sustainable Development, Provincial Director of Economic Studies at the Ministry of ‘Economy and assistant to the Planning Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure, according to her CV.

Later, already with Scioli as governor of Buenos Aires, Batakis headed the advisory cabinet of the then provincial minister of economy, Alejandro Arlía. She was then appointed Under-Secretary of the Treasury, before it was her turn in 2011 to be appointed Minister of the Economy, a post she held throughout the second term of office in the province.

During Mauricio Macri’s tenure, Batakis was councilor of the town hall of the municipality of Florencio Varela and councilor of Banco Ciudad between 2016 and 2019 in both cases.

Silvina Batakis with Daniel Scioli, when she was his Minister of Economy
Silvina Batakis with Daniel Scioli, when she was his Minister of Economy

His work at the Secretariat of the Provinces of the Ministry of the Interior was marked by the relationship with the governors, which included issues of the agenda and day-to-day management, from political issues to the financial relationship with the provincial funds.

Batakis will work closely with his former boss and now firm peer, Daniel Scioli. The now head of the productive portfolio saw Batakis as his candidate for the post of economy minister in case he won the 2015 elections. Close to Scioli, they claimed Infobae that the official considers Batakis as “a great professional, highly educated, of great human quality and highly respected by all”.

Her academic CV is rich: in 2014, she was awarded the “Innovative Women” prize by the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires for being the first female Minister of Economy in the history of the Province of Buenos Aires, she received the award Mobility Program grant in 2009awarded by International Relations and Cooperation Rhône-Alpes, and the Chevining Fellowship in 2001awarded by the UK Foreign Office.

Batakis was Scioli's job number for the Economy Ministry if he won the Front for Victory in 2015
Batakis was Scioli’s job number for the Economy Ministry if he won the Front for Victory in 2015

He also has extensive experience as a teacher. In 2018, she became a professor of environmental economics at the Arturo Jauretche National University; She is also a professor in the chair of public finance at the National University of Avellaneda. He was also a professor at the University of La Plata and at the General Sarmiento University.

Su listado de posgrados y congresos lista trabajos académicos en universidades como las de The George Washington University, Lugano (Suiza) y conferencias en Lyon (France), Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Agencia Canadiense de Desarrollo Internacional, la Organización de los Estados Americanos, among others.

Since 1992, she has authored and co-authored various academic works. The latest antecedents are the publication of “Refocusing of public finances. Reflections on the Argentine Task”, in Time of Reconstruction, Public Policy Observatory Collection, National University of Avellaneda in 2020 and “The Public Finances of the Province”, in Radiography of the Province of Buenos Aires, Ed. Siglo XXI and University National Quilmes, in 2019.


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