Ex-girlfriend of Alianza FC footballer dies

The former player passed away for health reasons. Long before it coincided with an old Salvadoran talent, one of the few who managed to play in Canada

It has always been difficult to have footballers Salvadorans militant in a North American league, either in Mexico, the United States or Canada. It was not an easy question and each time the hand is more complicated.

The reasons are many, but today we will not dwell on them.

Football often has sad notes. A former footballer who shared with one of the few Salvadoran players able to play in Canada has recently died.

Jason Di Tullio has spent his entire career with CF Montreal (both as a player and as a coach) with a team that at one point in its short history was called “Impact”. The former Italian-born Canadian player died in a battle with cancer this week.

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Di Tullio was a CF Montreal player from 2002 to 2007. The midfielder in question was a teammate at one point of former Alianza player Eduardo Retana.

In 2006, Retana joined the ranks of CF Montreal, who had not yet participated in MLS but were trying to do so in Canada; At that time, it still took a year for the said club to be founded under the name “Impact” and six more for it to play its first edition of MLS.

Eduardo Retana comes from the minor divisions of Alianza, played in the albo first team and also in the Arcense of Ciudad Arce.

In 2008, the Salvadoran also played for another Canadian team: Trois-Rivières Attak. One of the rare compatriots to have been able to go to football in the icy country. Retana scored Alianza’s 500th goal in the First Division (2007)

May he rest in peace, Jason Di Tullio, former teammate of our compatriot and historical landmark of CF Montreal, today in MLS.


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