Euneiz will start his first school year on September 15

The Deputy General of Álava, Ramiro González, the Minister of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government, Bigen Zupiria and the President of EuneizJordi Roche, presented this morning the third edition of the F2P Campus.

The event, which will last two months, will count this year with the presence of five teams, who come from the United States, Canada and Barcelona. “It is a sector with possibilities and a great future,” said Ramiro González. Likewise, the Deputy General of Álava took the opportunity to highlight the importance of the video game sector, whose companies have doubled in the last 10 years. “This sector brings together more than 1,500 companies in the Basque Autonomous Community,” González added.

Euneiz, since September 15

To close the event, the organizers of the F2P Campus they distributed txapelas to all participants. A small detail with the members of the teams who will have the opportunity this summer to improve their projects related to aspects as diverse as health, sport or Basque legends, among others.

The president of Eineiz University, Jordi Roche, said he was satisfied “to open the headquarters of Euneiz with this F2P campus, oriented towards a video game sector, with enormous growth potential and a positive impact in economic, cultural and social terms”. This university campus will begin classes on September 15. This will be the first lesson the lesson of this project.

In this sense, it has been reported that two of the new degrees scheduled for the 2023-2024 academic year at the private university are related to programming and video game design. “A space of knowledgeflagship of our academic activity, consolidated with great success in our centers in Catalonia and Mexico, and that next year we will move to Vitoria-Gasteiz with the same quality and avant-garde criteria”, he pointed out.

Finally, the president of Euneiz congratulated the organizers of the F2P campus for this initiative, “which will allow Vitoria-Gasteiz to take the creative pulse and measure the trends of the sector” and wished the five participating teams “the greatest success in the development of their video games”. “Let’s hope they are the seed of creative and productive enterprises in terms of employment and activity,” he said.

work areas

From this Monday, all the teams will set up their workspace in the reserved space within the new facilities that Euneiz University is opening this year in the Vital building of Salburua. From there, they will accelerate their respective projects with the guidance and support of nearly a dozen global experts in the field, who will tour campus until September 18, the scheduled date for completion.

The participation of Javier Barnes, product manager at King, and specialist in the game economy and the monetization of free-to-play is planned; Korean Min Woo Ryu who currently works at Have Birds Corp; Venezuelan Fran Bravo, Head of Products and Live Operations at Zeptolab; and the Frenchman Mathias Royer, managing director of the Barcelona studio of the international Tilting Point; among others.

To the content of the first two editions, this year new features such as blockchain technology are added, the play-to-earn business model and NFTs and digital art. So many issues closely linked to free-to-play, since they are decisive in the development of this video game model. FIVE TEAMS.

five teams

The five selected teams will develop here all their work and training between this Monday and until September 18. They will have the adjoining facilities of Bakh, the sports city of basconia, for meals and recreation. All will be staying in the nearby Jardines de Aristi apartments.

the canadian team Giggilng Piglets travels to the Basque capital with three of its members, even if the team is larger. They present a “side scroller” type game –side scrolling–.

Project Legends, meanwhile, hails from Barcelona and competes in Vitoria with four of its nine members. They present a game that combines cards and football.

Venko Games, also from Barcelona, participate in the campus with two of its members. It is an experienced team that has already released a few games. His project gives a new perspective to conversational adventures, with stories based on legends and myths by territory and they start with those of Euskadi.

Happy Hedgehog Studio is a team of United States I participated with the two members who make up this small studio, who have already published games.

Finally, the Glossbirds, coming from United States and Great Britain, participates in Vitoria with four members. Its proposal is a game that promotes the practice of sport in a fun way and transforms healthy habits into games.

They all have two months of work in perspective before presenting their progress during the last “Demo day” of the campus which will be held in September. To do this, they will have the support of the technical team of the F2P Campus, led by its director Raúl Herrero, and the advice of the experts who will come to Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Experts will offer talso open discussions so that anyone interested in video games You can learn from some of the best specialists in the world. The “Games Academy” will also offer specialized workshops aimed at the youngest and those who wish to reorient their professional career, such as the one held at the end of June in Amurrio.

The F2P Campus also benefits from the support of the City Hall of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Vital Foundation and the Euskaltel Foundation, in addition to the collaboration of Basquegame and Game BCN and support for the management of BIC Araba.

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