El Telégrafo – 50 Canadian companies are looking for Ecuadorians to work

The government of Quebec, Canada, has announced that 50 companies are looking for Ecuadorian workers. According to a press release from the entity, recruitment will be made from people with professional endorsement, through the Journées Québec Amérique Latine program.

The sectors in which Ecuadorians can apply are: information and communication technologies (ICT) and manufacturing. There will also be an opportunity for those who perform certain trades requiring specialization in construction, food processing, food preparation, among others.

One of the requirements is to be fluent in French, which is why all applicants will receive free French lessons.

Job offers are available from August 23 to September 27. During this period, you will be able to apply for the offer that will catch your attention the most and that matches your professional profile, but the government has warned that only registered and registered candidates will be able to participate.

To register, you must enter the following link, create a profile in French, apply for a job. The Government of Quebec has announced that it will hold information sessions in Spanish.

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