Ebrard — News in brief with Lourdes Mendoza

The Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard He assured that Mexico is working on the arguments it will present to go to a consultation on energy issues for the USMCA, for request of United States and Canada.

Through a video, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), explained that the consultation process is normally organized to dialogue with the counterpart before going to a panel

It’s “a zero-sum game, that means you have a specialized third party and you can win it all or lose it all, that’s why the previous dialogues, or consultation, are important”.

Ebrard pointed out that they are already working with the Economics Secretary which has the legal authority to respond to the USTR of the United States and the Department of Commerce of Canada.

“We are working as a team to clearly identify what the arguments are, respond to them and start this dialogue that I am talking about,” said Ebrard Casaubón.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that panels are a conventional method of resolving trade disputes, and assured that his intention is not to minimize the importance of the panel, but only to clarify that Mexico will present its arguments and its tusks.

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