Delfina wins the bid, but also a greater perception of dishonesty

The Secretary of Public Instruction, delphine gomezon Thursday won Morena’s bid for governor of the state of Mexico, to be held in 2023, but she was also the candidate most people considered “little” or “nothing” honest.

According to the three surveys presented by Brunette this noon – as part of its internal process to determine who would be its candidate in the State of Mexico – Gómez passed its rivals as the figure that citizens prefer to compete for the Mexican executive.

Both in the measures of Mendoza Blanco y Covarrubias y Asociados and in that carried out by the party itself, Gómez had percentages above 37% in the answers to the question “who do you prefer as a candidate for Morena?” With that, he overtook the senator Higinio Martinezto the official Horace Duarte and the mayor Fernando Vilchís.

However, was also the candidate with the strongest perception of dishonesty.

In the Mendoza Blanco survey, although 6.3% of respondents said they considered her a “very” honest person and 15.8% “fairly” honest, 12.9% rated her as “a little”. honest and 6.7% as “not at all”. ” honest. .

The Covarrubias y Asociados survey showed similar figures: 6% described Gómez as “very” honest, 15.2% as “fairly” honest, 14.4% as “a little” honest and 7.5% as ” not at all” honest.

Covarrubia survey

Likewise, the Morena survey determined that 5.4% of people said Gómez is “very” honest, 14.8% that she is “somewhat” honest, 13.3% that she is “a little “honest and 8.0% that she is “not up to par”. everything” honest.

Brunette poll

Delfina Gómez is a well-known figure in the State of Mexico, where she was already a candidate for governor in the 2017 elections. In this contest, she came in second place against Alfredo del Mazo of the PRI. To this day, Morena maintains that the PRI “stole” those elections, through practices such as vote buying.

However, Gómez herself was the subject of criticism, accusations and investigations, in particular the case where, during her term as mayor of Texcoco Municipal employees were deducted a percentage of their salary to fund political campaigns.

Last January, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) confirmed a fine of 4.5 million pesos against Morena for using this scheme to finance partisan activities.

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In the 2023 elections, Gómez will seek revenge, win the governorship of the State of Mexico and, with the acronym of Morena, wrest territory from the PRI that has been its stronghold for 90 years.

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