DC League of Superpets: the director explains why Keanu Reeves is the perfect Batman

DC League of Superpets – 71% is the ambitious animated project that brings together the greatest comic book superheroes and their pets in an incredible adventure. Keanu Reeves joined the film as the voice of Batman and audiences were thrilled with the news. Now, director Jared Stern talks about the actor’s work on the film and how perfect he was as the portrayer of the Dark Knight. Not everyone has the chance to become one of the biggest figures in popular culture, in any format.

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Originally known as DC League of Super Pets, the film tells us the story of best friends Krypto and Superman, who share the same powers and fight side by side in the name of justice and the well-being of the citizens of Metropolis. But when the Man of Steel is kidnapped, the brave canine must learn to fully master his abilities and go in search of his mate. Along the journey you will meet other pets such as Ace, PB, Merton, Chip and others.

Although the well-known members of the Justice League are not the main figures of DC League of Superpets, they have a few moments on screen and they shine like they always have in all media. Keanu Reeves stands out as Batman and Back I couldn’t be more grateful to have worked with him; for ScreenRant talks about the good role the Canadian actor cast as the Gotham goalie:

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Keanu Reeves’ voice matched that perfectly. I think he would have made a great live-action Batman, but he’s wonderful as our animated Batman and more importantly for our movie. I think he’s a guy who could really use a pet. And he really had fun with it. It makes me nervous directing wonderful, incredible actors that I’ve loved all my life and I think he was so excited to be Batman. When you work on an animated movie, you go back to being a kid, and being Batman was a lot of fun for him.

A few weeks ago, Keanu Reeves interviewed with in addition and talked about the great satisfaction Batman gives him in a DC project, however, he confessed that one of his biggest aspirations was to take the character in a live-action movie, something that at this point seems increasingly difficult: “It’s always been a dream, but Robert Pattinson has Batman right now and he’s doing great.”

One of the following movies Keanu Reeves is John Wick: Chapter 4, the sequel everyone’s been waiting for that will take us back to the majestic Jardani Jovonovich on his way to avenge betrayal and the High Table. It’s been several years since John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98% and the public wants to see what awaits the anti-hero in the future. It opens on March 24, 2023; The Ballerina spin-off, starring Ana de Armas, is also in development.

DC’s animated films are generally very well received by audiences, and years have shown that they’re generally above the realm of live-action in structure and quality. The criticisms towards DC League of Superpets they are particularly positive and celebrate the humor, tenderness and heroism with which the characters unfold. According to digital platforms, the film will hit digital theaters on July 28 and will feature Alfonso Herrera as the voice of Krypto.

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