Company offers $100,000 a year to taste candy

“We are now looking for a Confectionery Director, who will guide our sweet tooth down the sweetest path possible!”, declares the company. These are the job requirements.

A candy store in Canada makes a tempting job offer: taste more than 3,500 candies a month for an annual salary of CA$100,000 (US$78,000), all from the comfort of your couch.

Candy Funhouse, an online confectionery company, is looking for a boss for its product tasters.

“Early last year, we were looking for ‘candy experts’ to test original flavors, and currently we have three,” Candy Funhouse spokeswoman Vanessa Janakijevski-Rebelo told AFP.

“We are now looking for a Director of Sweets, who will guide our gourmands on the sweetest path possible!”, he declared.

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The responsibilities of the position include the approval of new products with the label “CCC” (Chief Candy Officer, or Director of Sweets), the organization of “candy Council Meetings” or the role of “chief taster”. Not to mention supporting “all the fun stuff” in the business.

The offer is open to anyone over the age of five who lives in North America..

Key requirements include having “golden taste buds” and an “obvious passion for sweets,” as listed on LinkedIn’s professional website.

Candy Funhouse said it received over 100,000 applications in two weeks.

“Most are from adults, but about 25% are from children,” the spokeswoman said.

On social networks, advertising is a hit with Internet users of all ages.

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An American netizen, Matthew Crooks, tweeted that his eight-year-old daughter had created a LinkedIn profile just to apply.

“It’s official @candyfunhouseca she applied. Thanks for helping her learn about hard work and the importance of a great resume, even though she’s only eight,” she wrote. .

Candy Funhouse said that once selected, the director of Candy will undergo “extensive tasting training”.

And he noted that benefits naturally include “a comprehensive dental plan.”

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