China.- Beijing urges Australia and Canada to respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the South Sea


Beijing urged Australia and Canada to “seriously” respect the Asian giant’s national security interests and major concerns, and exercise caution in statements, as well as avoid “misjudgments” in the process. framework of Chinese maneuvers at sea.

“China will never allow any country to violate China’s sovereignty and security and endanger peace and stability in the South China Sea under the banner of ‘freedom of navigation,'” the doorman said. -spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian, referring to Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Sunday that Canberra had told Beijing of its unease at a “dangerous manoeuvre” by a Chinese plane over the waters of the South China Sea.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles expressed concern over the incident, which happened in late May. “The interception resulted in unsafe maneuvering and behavior which threatened the safety of the aircraft and the Australian crew,” Marles warned in statements collected by “The Sydney Morning Herald.”

The Australian P-8 aircraft was carrying out routine maritime surveillance activity on May 26 when it was intercepted by a “J-16” fighter jet. The danger came because the ‘J-16’ fighter would have flown “very close to the side” of the ‘P-8’ plane, according to Australia’s defense minister.

Last week, the Canadian military reported similar incidents, alleging in a statement that the Chinese aircraft interacted with a CP-140 Aurora long-range patrol aircraft and “did not meet international standards aviation safety”.

Thus, Lijian indicated at a press conference on Monday that Canadian military aircraft “have intensified reconnaissance and provocations against China under the pretext of implementing UN Security Council resolutions”.

Likewise, he also clarified that UN Security Council resolutions “have never authorized any country to deploy military forces in sea and airspace under the jurisdiction of other countries to carry out surveillance”.

The Chinese foreign spokesperson pointed out that in response to Ottawa’s “provocative actions”, the Chinese military quickly “took reasonable, powerful, safe and professional measures” and entered into “solemn negotiations” with the party. Canadian through diplomatic channels. .

“China urges the Canadian side to face the gravity of the situation and refrain from risky and provocative actions, otherwise all serious consequences will be borne by the Canadian side,” he said. .

“Canada should abide by objective facts, stop spreading false information, recognize the situation more, adopt a prudent and pragmatic policy towards China, and take concrete measures to restore the normal development of China-Canada relations,” he said. -he adds.

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