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Central Park is one of the main places of entertainment in Ciudad Juárez, within it there was the giraffe, named Modesto, it was the main attraction, however, it is not the only species, since there are d other small animals among which Tomás stands out, a male ostrich.

Tomás, who arrived about 10 years ago in Central Park, was accompanied by a female, with whom it was planned to cross it to give life to more birds of the same type, however, the female did not survive and died in 2015, leaving only Tomas, the couple of ostriches were given to the park by private individuals, who could no longer take care of them.

Tomás quickly adapted to sharing a habitat with the African giraffe, so they stayed together for many years. One of his carers said his diet consisted of corn, alfalfa, lettuce and chopped carrots.

The park is also home to different species of birds, including a pheasant, 11 peacocks, including five males, six females and a tiny one, which was born about 2 months ago, reached after 28 broods and is already you can see walking in its enclosure, there are currently 29 peacock eggs.

There are two Alaquin roosters, six Asian birds, countless geese and ducks, of the latter, one of Canadian origin, there are about 300 turtles, one of which is “Cuckoo”, a land turtle.

The Central Park does not only have the visit of people, because it lands some small herons which are black and white, their origin is still unknown, in addition to some hummingbirds which wander through the areas.

One of the cutest species of animals that people can admire are the four dwarf donkeys, which can be seen playing during the day.

About 12 years ago there was also a lion, which the inhabitants of the Juárez Valley gave, but unfortunately it died, because it got stuck in one of the protective beams and hung itself .

Ramón Herrera and Manuel Elizalde are in charge of taking care of the animals on a daily basis, they feed them, clean their habitat, give them water and above all they give them lots of love, while for health care there is the veterinarian Mario de Leon.

All the fauna that is in Central Park, has very particular care and adapted to the needs of each species, they receive the food necessary for their survival, however, one of the biggest problems that diminishes the animals is when some visitors offer their insufficient food, just like if any of the free roaming birds leave their eggs in the green area, people don’t respect them, because flight of eggs and ducklings have been detected.

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Rogelio Muñoz, administrator of Central Park, invites the community to let the life cycle of these small animals unfold and not to offer them unsuitable food.

“We want to urge the community that frequents the park to respect the animals, to respect the birds’ eggs, we always try to take care of them and house them in one place, but sometimes people find them in the green areas and they tend to take them away, just like they take the ducklings, so we see that there are about 20 little ducks and after the weekend there are only 10 left, to illustrate a quantity”, said indicated the administrator.

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