Carmelina Moscato aspires to reach the university stage

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Monterey. – Carmelina Moscato, the new coach of the Tigres Femenil, has already mentioned that she was eager to set foot at the University Stadium.

The 38-year-old Canadian strategist spoke in an interview with the club and, in addition, sent a message to ‘Las Amazonas’ fans.

“Keep supporting this powerful team who will be hungry. I see the passion in the girls, in their eyes and in the way they play, the celebrations speak for themselves. I can’t wait to set foot in the stadium and to look around me.” story.

Likewise, she announced how excited she was to be part of the auriazul team, where she showcases the career aspirations and ambition that exists.

“What excites me the most about the Tigers environment is this complete professional aspiration and there are always things to improve. To be at such an ambitious club which pushes standards, which is a world leader in its vision of what he wants to be gives me chills and my heart beats for it,” he added.

Moreover, he underlined that he will seek to be an influential person in the lives of the players and not only to make them grow in the professional field.

“I want to be someone in their life, where we all go at the end of the day and say ‘I grew up as a person, I grew up as a footballer and we made our fans proud'” , did he declare.

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