Canoe World Cup: Cuba with five boats vying for medals

Leuris Pupo is the best placed among the three Cubans. Photo: Reuters.

The Cubans Leuris Pupo, Jorge Félix Álvarez and Alejandro Jesús Matos have completed the first phase of the test of the 25-meter rapid-fire pistol located in the middle of the table and with aspirations of being included in the test’s top eight.

The event is one of those that enliven the Rifle and Pistol Grand Prix in the Spanish city of Granada and that it serves as the international debut of the year for West Indian shooters.

After the first three shots the best placed among the Creoles is the Olympic vice-champion Leuris Pupo, with a total of 286 units valid for fifth place. In consecutive order behind him are newcomer Alejandro Jesús Matos and Pan American title holder Jorge Félix Álvarez, tied with 284 points.

South Korean Jong-Ho Song has 294 points and leads an event with just nine entries. If the scheme proposed by the International Shooting Sports Federation is followed, After the three rounds of shooting agreed for this Saturday, the top eight must move on to the next round.

The new rules announced for this sport establish that in this phase the shooters will be divided into two groups and They will make 20 moves to choose the best placed of each key.

Then twenty more balls fourth place will be decided and the three survivors will fight with ten more projectiles to find the two with the highest accumulated. This duo will face off in a pair of five-hit series to define the champion.

In this tournament, Jorge Félix Álvarez also participated in the ten-meter pistol, where with a total of 561 units, it closed in 20th place out of 26 competitors.

Beyond the definitive locations, for Cubans, the presence in Granada is of utmost importance for several reasons. In the first place, enjoy training days with real projectilesas well as the return to international competitive scenarios with the new competition rules already in force.

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