Canadians want Santa Claus to bring coal to Trudeau only for the “bad” | Politics | America Edition

A poll released Thursday found that 40% of Canadians believe the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be on Santa’s list of those who have been ‘bad’ in 2021, along with the leaders of China and Russia. Russia, and who lack gifts under the Christmas tree.

The survey, conducted by the firm Ipsos for Canadian television Global News, places Trudeau with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Poutine among the world leaders to whom Santa Claus should leave a bag of coal under the Christmas tree.

But only the Russian leader surpassed Trudeau in the percentage of Canadians who put him on Santa’s “bad” list, with 44% responding.

Besides Putin and Trudeau, the trio of worst of 2021 is rounded out by Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 32% of Canadians believe the employer should receive carbon for their actions.

Another global entrepreneur, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, is on Santa’s “bad guys” list, ranking fifth according to the survey.

Trudeau, who won his third consecutive general election in September 2021, is not even close to being included in Santa’s “right” list since only 18% of Canadians who took the poll placed him in this category.

For Canadians, Santa’s most deserving gifts this year are healthcare workers. 54% of respondents consider that they are the ones that Santa Claus should treat better.

The poll was conducted between December 10 and 15, 2021 with interviews with 1,001 Canadians and has a margin of error of 3.5%.

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