Canadian teams have only beaten the Mexicans six times

The CONCAF Champions League In its different editions and formats, it has historically been dominated by Mexican teams, hegemonic for almost two decades over the rest of the countries. For the stadium knock out of the Concachampions 2022, some keys are made up of clashes between Aztec and Canadian teams, confrontations which have generally been won by the clubs of our country, however there are half a dozen victories for those of the Maple Leaf.

Although at the club level, Mexican teams usually win against Canadians, there are six wins against Aztec teams which are only shared with two teams, Montreal Impact and Toronto FCbeing the second that has caused more headaches in recent years to ours.

The first confrontation between clubs of Mexico Yes Canada happened in 1975 with the clash between Monterey and the Serbian White Eagles, who met in the first round of the said edition and the result was favorable for the royal family by an aggregate score of 3-1.

The first victory for Canadian teams occurred until 2009, this in the quarter-final stage where Montreal Impact beat 2-0 for Santos Lagoon. Curiously, in this edition the two teams will face each other again, but now in the quarter-finals.

Toronto FC, Mexico’s biggest headache

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Since Concacaf Champions League opened more seats Toronto F.C.a team belonging to mlshas been a constant guest and clashes against Mexicans have taken place on several occasions, the first of which was against Blue Cross and ended in a 2-1 victory for the reds, this in 2010.

In addition to the deviceTigers, America and Chivas were victims of the Canadians in the 2018 edition, the first two were eliminated, while the Guadalajara, although they fell in the Akron in the second leg final they ended up winning on penalties to be crowned and earn a ticket to the Club World Cup that year.

The last Mexican team that fell against Toronto It was León, this in the 2020 edition, a duel that was played in Florida due to the blockades that were in Canada for the subject of Covid19.

For this edition of the Concacaf Champions League, Santos Lagoon will face Montreal Impactwhile Blue Cross will do the honors of FC Forge.

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