Canadian squall and Caribbean humidity ahead of Christmas Eve

Winter 2021-2022 starts today and it will do so with storms in the southwest of the peninsula and the Canary Islands. The situation is particularly worrying in the archipelago. This is an unusual situation, as storms in the southwest are exceptional in mid-winter and more typical of early fall.

For this Tuesday, December 22 rain is expected, especially in Andalusia, and that they will be persistent there the rest of the week. There will also be rainfall in Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha, Madrid, southeast Castile and León and Galicia.

As for the temperatures, this Christmas it will be less cold than it touches for the time of year, except in the Ebro Valley, where the fog will be less dense and will disappear completely on Christmas Eve.

For Christmas a good cocktail will arrive with a Canadian storm and the humidity of the Caribbean. On the night of December 23, this storm, coming from Newfoundland, will open the door for the rest of the storms and, therefore, they will enter from the west in a more generalized way. It will interact with a river of Caribbean humidity, which will increase the amount of water that falls.

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