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The Canadian Parliament on Thursday (02.03.2022) approved a motion to investigate the origin of millions of dollars donated through the GoFundMe portal to the anti-vaccine movement and radical groups that have been blockading downtown Ottawa for nearly 10 years. ‘one week.

Canadian MPs want GoFundMe officials to appear before a House of Commons committee and explain “as soon as possible” details of the donations, which today stand at C$10 million (about C$7.89 million). U.S. dollars).

Some MPs have expressed suspicion that the protest, deemed illegal by the City of Ottawa, is funded by contributions from the United States and other countries.

Among those who have offered their support for anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa are former US President Donald Trump and businessman Elon Musk.

The protests began over the weekend, when thousands of people flocked to Ottawa to express their opposition to the measures in place in Canada to contain the pandemic.

Since then, anti-vaccine and radical groups have blocked the streets around the Canadian Parliament with trucks and other vehicles.

On Wednesday, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly warned the situation was beyond police capacity and said military intervention may be required.

But today Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Defense Minister Anita Anand said the Canadian government had no intention of using the country’s armed forces to put down the protest.

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