Canadian Parliament adopts martial law

It’s official: the minority government of a Justin Trudeau with a popular support of 16%, he will be able to arrest those who protest against the regime, freeze bank accounts and, in general, make his cape a tunic under the pretext of a peaceful protest against senseless restrictions and already rejected by more and more countries around the world.

The Canadian Parliament voted Monday evening in favor of the emergency law for 185 votes against 151. This is how a democracy ends, with a parliamentary vote.

Trudeau invoked the law, an unprecedented measure, last week, saying it was necessary to crush peaceful protests linked to the “Freedom Convoy” movement, which demands an end to the government’s violation of civil rights under cover to fight the Chinese flu. There are currently no active protests in Canada.

The motion backing Trudeau’s invocation of emergency powers passed in Canada’s House of Commons on Monday, with the Liberal Party, NDP and other allies securing 181 votes in favor of the motion.

The motion was opposed by Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the separatists of the Bloc Québécois (BQ) and its allies (obtaining 151 votes), reports the CBC television regime.

It is the first time that a law is invoked, written by his presumed father, also Prime Minister. Pierre Trudeauand which amounts to the application of martial law, and all to fight against a massive and uncomfortable demonstration, but peaceful and with broad social support, which has included blockades of border crossings in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta, although it all ended before the Emergency Law was officially invoked.

It is not that the government waited for the cumbersome process of approving the law: in fact, it began to apply it immediately, before it was theoretically authorized to do so, to forcefully evacuate protesters in Ottawa during the weekend and freezing the bank accounts of people linked to the protest. It was also used to force the crane companies to remove trucks occupying the area around the parliament buildings after the government struggled to hire cranes as many reportedly refused.

The countries around us, too busy blackmailing the “authoritarian” governments of Hungary and Poland, have nothing to say against this dictatorship implanted under the eyes of all.

On Friday and Saturday, police arrested protesters and confiscated their vehicles. Now Mayor of Ottawa, jim watsonwants to sell these seized trucks to recoup the millions of dollars the city lost during the three-week gridlock.

On Sunday, Watson told the CBC that trucks, trailers and other vehicles seized from the convoy must be soldclaiming that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emergency powers could give him the power to do so.

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