Canadian F1 GP 2022: Vettel resurfaces and replies to the president of the FIA

Sebastian Vettel is like giving talk in F1. On and off the track. Some considered it finished at the start of this season; others, like Ralph Schumacher They criticized the fact that with the Aston Martin he did the little he could and that its renovation is still pending. As if that weren’t enough, the four-time champion appears increasingly involved in social issues when he goes to the races, in an even more vindictive version of what has been shown in previous years. Even that was seen as a distraction from his job as a pilot.

Own FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayemhad shown its reluctance to have competitors such as Lewis Hamilton, Norris or Seb himself, were so active in their statements. Now Vettel rides a rainbow bike, Lewis is passionate about human rights and Lando cares about mental health.

The German was quick to respond. “I don’t have to put up with things that are wrongand I won’t,” he said. And he positioned himself with Hamilton. “We agree on a lot of things,” he added.

The Teutonic defended these actions. “These issues are bigger than us, bigger than sport. We need to continue to draw attention to this and show people that there are a lot of things we can do better. I think there are people who are a bit old fashioned in their attitude. Therefore, it is good to continue to draw attention to this. It’s important that you publicly show your support,” he said on Sky.

go to certain passes

Contrary to what others think, the German defended that Formula 1 goes to certain places. “If we don’t have races, we can’t do anything. But If we run in these countries and stand up for what matters politely but firmly, we can have a positive impact.. Values ​​and principles cannot stop at borders,” he said.

defense with results

While, in the circuits, Vettel returns to remove the chestnuts from the fire at Aston Martin. At Bak, a track he is usually good at, he finished sixth, his best result of the year. He has scored two points in a row and already has 13 in total, against the two of his partner, Lance Stroll. Thanks to Seb, his rider is now seventh, tied with Haas, with 15 points.

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