Canadian F1 GP 2022: “Fernando Alonso is cunning, I prefer him in my team”

yesIt’s always interesting to appreciate the vision they have in Britain of Fernando Alonso, a figure that leaves no one indifferent in the Islands. Even former world champions, like Damon Hillthey end up surrendering to the quality of the Asturian, regardless of their age or the car they drive.

The one who was winner in 1996, with Williams, was asked by the F1 Nation podcast to evaluate the double champion of Spain and his performance. “Fatigue seems like it hasn’t made a dent in him or lack of enthusiasm. If you tell him right away: “We have a place in a car in front”, he will go and get it and probably win“, ample.

English, yes, falls back into the distorted image that a certain part of the press has of it. “The problem for a forward team is that the longer they’re there the more ‘carnage’ there will be once they start, which they usually do, imply in the direction of the castellan and in the political party”, he thinks.

Hill goes even further. “He definitely crossed the line when he was at McLaren for the first time and also at Ferrari,” he said without giving details.

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Despite everything, the Briton ended up giving a positive verdict on Oviedo and more after his performance in Bak. “I like, he’s so cunning, he’s smart. Alex Albon considered him an incredibly smart guy due to his qualifying matches. could do his old tricks, but we have a slight admiration for the trickster role, a guy who can make everything work for him and he does it with a smirk. Yes yield, it’s not that he’s a nuisance and doesn’t pay. Give up and give up for Alpine. I I’d rather have him on my teamto go out and do this to you,” he concludes.

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