Canadian duck Mayar RAMM freed – El Heraldo de Juárez

Animal protection staff from the municipality’s Pet Rescue and Adoption Service (RAMM) released a Canadian Mayan Duck, an animal they rescued from a home, after its residents reported to this refuge which is part of the ecology service.

This duck was in the patio of a house located in Francisco del Oro street, from where it was transferred to the RAMM facilities, announced the veterinarian David Baylón, in charge of animal welfare.

He explained that this bird underwent a medical examination, but it showed no injuries, it was only dehydrated and hungry, so it was given food and water.

Baylón pointed out that this species of duck is very common in the area and is surely on migration, so it was decided to release it in the artificial lake that is next to the DIF park, where it can feed on seeds and of aquatic plants, in addition to that in this pond there are more ducks of this species.

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They are migratory birds many times they decide to stay in the area, the proof is that on the side of the Parque Central Poniente Hermanos Escobar there are a good number of them, where they stay for a while and then decide to continue their migration, said the person in charge of animal welfare.

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