Canada records 77 cases of monkeypox

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Quebec.- Canada recorded this Friday 77 cases of so-called monkey pox, almost all located in Quebec, where the authorities believe that the situation is worrying.

The first 2 cases were confirmed on May 20 in this French-speaking province.

The situation is considered “worrying” explained Dr. Howard Njoo, deputy chief administrator of the Canadian federal public health agency, during a press conference.

The authorities fear in particular “that cases develop in families and affect pregnant women or young children”, he said.

Njoo said this spread is not limited to any particular group or setting and, for now, can affect “anyone regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.”

In this sense, smallpox vaccines were delivered to the province. They can be effective in protecting against contact cases because there is no specific cure for monkeypox, which usually goes away on its own.

Monkeypox is primarily a mild disease, but its spread outside endemic areas, such as West Africa, remains a concern.

The World Health Organization has reported 550 cases in 30 countries, mostly in Europe, where the disease is not endemic and is very rarely detected.

This infectious disease is characterized by the appearance of rashes, which can be painful, especially if they are located in sensitive areas such as the genitals.

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