Canada ratifies the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO | World | America Edition

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that Canada had become the first country to ratify Sweden and Finland’s application for NATO membership, and called on other nations in the alliance to do the same. rapidly.

His announcement comes after Denmark officially announced that it had also ratified the request of the two Nordic countries.

“Canada today became the first country to ratify Finland’s and Sweden’s accession protocols to join NATO. This brings both countries closer to full membership,” Trudeau said in a statement. communicated.

The Canadian Prime Minister added that the integration of Finland and Sweden would make NATO “stronger” and called on the rest of the countries of the military alliance to quickly ratify access protocols to limit “the enemy interference”.

Also on Tuesday, the ambassadors of the 30 NATO countries had signed the accession protocols at the organization’s headquarters in Brussels, which will allow Finland and Sweden to participate in the meetings while all countries will ratify the ‘access.

The ratification process varies from country to country, so it is difficult to predict when the two Nordic countries will become full members of the alliance. While some need votes in their parliaments, others, like Canada, only need government approval.

Trudeau recalled that Canada is one of the founding countries of the military alliance and that it defends NATO’s open door policy for the incorporation of “any European country able to advance commitments and membership obligations.

Among these commitments and obligations, he highlighted the protection of democracy and the contribution to the collective defense of the countries of the alliance. ECE


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