Canada needs Mexicans, it has 430,000 vacancies – El Sol de Hidalgo

The talent shortage in Canada has worsened in recent years, according to the Federation of Independent Business in this country, the labor problem reaches 430,000 vacancies, reported Bruno Perron, representative of educational tourism of the Canadian government in Mexico. .

During a virtual press conference, he estimated that this year 30,000 Mexican students will go to Canada and 20% (%) are from Hidalgo; Of the total, 60% plan to stay to reside once their studies are completed.

In addition, 30% are accompanied by their direct relatives (wives or husbands and children), which would project that the figure will increase to 50,000 compatriots who would leave there.

The solution to Canada’s talent shortage lies in Mexico. The conditions are there for thousands of Mexicans to realize their dreams: to study, work and live in Canada,” said the other member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Canadian Government in Mexico.

One of the strategic solutions that the government has put in place to solve its lack of human resources, unprecedented in the world, but effective, he explained, goes through the school: the objective is that migrants receive school training in Canada so that they assimilate the needs that companies have from their professional training.

In addition to the aforementioned deficit, he indicated that every year more than 400,000 people retire in his country.

The job options you listed are related to information and communication technology (ICT), cyber technology, early childhood development, professional careers and trades (electrician, plumber, mechanic among others ), business administration, medical sciences, supply chains, engineering. , marketing and e-commerce.

To know the Canadian strategy, he indicated that they should approach the official communication channels in Canada, as well as YouTube and digital networks, as well as the 300 options of Canadian study houses.

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