Canada has opened job openings for Colombian workers with salaries of up to 12 million

They are looking for Colombian workers to work in Canada; they pay up to $12.5 million. Photo: EFE/Ricardo Maldonado Rozo/File

If you have knowledge of construction and masonry and you don’t have a job, Canada requires workers to travel to this country to earn between 10 and 12.5 million pesos in these tasks. However, keep in mind that Colombians who know how to handle plaster in different tasks will be chosen.

There are 100 vacancies in this ambitious job posting. It was published by the Sena Public Employment Agency. Keep in mind that if you are interested, you can apply until July 11 through the website of the aforementioned entity.

According to the job description, the duties relate to anchor the metal pieces to the studs using nails, hooks or wires; applying, leveling and smoothing layers of cement, plaster or similar material using a trowel, spatulas, brushes and spreading equipment, to coat interior and exterior surfaces; position and fix the sheets on metal or wooden parts; cut and install metal corner guards; install angles and mesh around the joists on which the coating is to be applied.

Also, if you know how to install partitions, partitions and other partitions in walls and ceilings, using hand or power tools, you will have a better chance of being selected. Even if you have learned during your experience how to clean and prepare surfaces, mix plaster and other ingredients and determine consistency, as well as measure, cut and attach forms to walls and ceilings, you may be selected. .

Other skills you will need to apply are: shaping and fitting corners and panels, creating decorative patterns, plaster moldings and cornices, and polishing newly finished surfaces, edges, creases and joints. The above tasks are described in more detail on the Sena page.

Also keep in mind that there are other skills that will make you the right candidate to earn those high salaries. Some

-Manage plastering techniques with washed plaster to earn more.

-Organize work, materials, means and equipment.

-Finish with coarse or black plaster to gain more.

– Perform plastering with washed plaster to gain more.

-Make the paneled trim with black or coarse plaster.

-Plaster with white plaster.

In addition to the above skills, you should have five years of construction experience and have at least a knowledge of a university degree, as well as basic English, which will make it easier for you to operate if selected.

Between 10 and 12.5 million that could be won is equivalent to at least 4.00 Canadian dollars and to apply you must meet all the conditions above. Also, keep in mind that you must have your CV updated at the Sena employment agency, in addition to filling in some of the information requested there, such as:

In addition, if you want to be one of the chosen ones, the company also has an email where you can send your CV and thus apply for this new job offer. The E-mail is where You will need to include the above information.


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