Canada has imposed new sanctions on nine Russian citizens and nine other Belarusians for invading Ukraine

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly

Canadian authorities have decided to impose new sanctions against nine Russian citizens and nine other Belarusians for “violating” Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, Foreign Minister Melanie reported. Pretty.

“What the world saw this weekend in Bucha is heinous. Canada will not stand idly by as the senseless killing of innocent civilians by Russian forces in Ukraine continues.”defended Canberra in a statement.

Thus, Joly underlined that “these close collaborators” are “accomplices” of the “terrible” events which “are taking place before our eyes”. “We will not stop putting pressure on the Russian regime until its troops leave Ukrainian soil,” he added.

According to the statement from the Canadian government, the country has sanctioned more than 700 individuals and entities since the start of the invasion of the country. Canada’s latest sanctions will impose asset freezes and bans on people on this list.

Devastation in Ukraine due to Russian invasion
Devastation in Ukraine due to Russian invasion

Also, the Australian government announced on Tuesday that the export of luxury goods to Russia will be banned as part of the extension of sanctions against Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.

Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, stressed in a statement that these are sanctions – they include wine and parts for luxury vehicles – which are directed against Russian President Vladimir Putin and “his wealthy enablers”.adding that they are not aimed at “ordinary Russian consumers”.

“This ban follows our targeted financial sanctions against President Putin, members of his government, Russian oligarchs, propagandists and disinformation agents, and senior Russian military officers.”he said.

Finally, he ruled that the Australian government “reiterates its unwavering support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and for the people of Ukraine”.

(With information from Europe Press)


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