Canada does not rule out that monkeypox has changed its form of contagion

Canada does not exclude that monkeypox has evolved and changed its mode of spread, after the appearance of several cases on its territory and in other countries, far from Africa where the disease is more normal.

This was stated on Friday by the director of Canadian public health, doctor Theresa Tam, who pointed out at a press conference that they were analyzing samples from around 24 people who may be infected with disease.

Tam said health authorities are trying to determine if the cases are linked to travel to the African continent.

The Director of Public Health said the appearance of so many cases outside Africa, where the disease is more normal, is an unusual event and questioned whether the disease has evolved in a way that has changed the form of transmission.

“We have to be open to the fact that something may have evolved and changed,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Canada is trying to increase its inventory of doses of the smallpox vaccine, which has also been shown to be effective against monkeypox, Tam said.

El jueves, la Agencia de Sanidad Pública de Canadá (PHAC) y el Ministerio de Sanidad de Quebec confirmed the first cases of the viruela del mono de Canada: ambos han sido localizados en Montreal, ciudad que también está conectada con el primer caso confirmedado the United States.

In addition, health authorities are investigating about twenty other possible cases, most of them in Montreal, but also at the other end of the country, in the province of British Columbia.

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