Canada closes its airspace to all Russian air operators | NEWS | D.W.

Canada has decided to close its airspace “to all Russian aircraft operators” in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s troops, the Canadian Minister announced this Sunday (27/02/2022). Transport Omar Alghabra.

Canada thus joins the vast majority of European countries that have already announced the same measure. “We will hold Russia accountable for its unprovoked attacks on Ukraine,” Minister Alghabra announced on Twitter.

There is currently no direct connection between Canadian and Russian airports, but this decision could greatly complicate flights operated by the Russian company Aeroflot between Russia, the United States and other American countries passing through Canadian skies.

From Germany to Ireland, passing through France, Spain, Austria, Italy and others, European countries have decided to close their airspace to Russian companies in retaliation also for the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow. Canada has imposed tough sanctions on Russia, personally targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and is part of the Western agreement for a selective blockade of Russian banks in the SWIFT banking system.

lgc (AFP/Reuters)

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