Bodybuilding promise Ryeley Palfi dies aged 19

  • the canadian Ryeley Palfi dies in a car accident three weeks earlier to be able to debut as a bodybuilding professional.
  • The young man from 19 years old He was considered one of the great promises of this specialty.
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    The world of bodybuilding lost its great promise, the Canadian Ryeley Palfi. The young man of barely A 19-year-old boy died in a traffic accident when he went to the gym to train and left his family, colleagues and admirers devastated. His bodybuilding plans started going professional this year and his first competition would be in three weeks.

    The young man had posted on Instagram an image of his motorbike, which he planned to return home with after his workout at the gym. In this difficult journey on a wet and rainy day he lost his lifeaccording They provided several means. The bodybuilder had admitted hours before his followers in his Instagram post that the the floor was slippery.

    Ryeley Palfi had amazed all bodybuilding fans with his ease in bulking up and his first results in the muscle world at the age of 18. In fact, he was considered a strong candidate to win a future ‘Mr. Olympia’ and to be the youngest champion of the contest in more traditional categories.

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    The coachbuilder had 91,000 followers on his Instagram account and 16,000 subscribers on his YouTube account.

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