Berlin accuses Moscow of delay in delivering Nord Stream turbine

The German government reiterated on Wednesday that it is not the lack of documents that is delaying the delivery of the Siemens Energy Turbine in Moscow for use in the pipeline North streamas assured by the Russian state company Gazprom.

the wind turbine “is not affected by the sanctions regime”, assured Wolfgang Büchner, spokesman for the executive, at a regular press conference in Berlin and explained that for this reason it is not necessary to issue a specific document for transport to Russia.

“We can deliver it at any time,” he said, taking up the message sent a few hours earlier by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who visited the site where the turbine is located in Mühlheim (west of Germany).

The absence of a turbine, the reason for the reduction in flow

Gazprom ensures that it is the absence of the device, sent for maintenance work in Canada, which motivates the reduction of gas flow in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipelinewhile the German government considers it an excuse.

However, Berlin insists on handing over the turbine to strip the Kremlin of this justification and make it clear that it is a political decision.

According to Büchner, Berlin is now waiting to know the exact place where the delivery should be made, information that the Russian side must provide.

“It is a device that weighs 18 tons, similar to the turbine of a Boeing 777”, Büchner asserted and added that for this reason it is necessary to carefully plan the transport in order to guarantee its safety.

In the past, these turbines were routinely flown from Russia to Canada for servicing and then flown back to Moscow.

“Now air transport is not possible and we need another procedure,” the spokesperson summed up.

Throughout June, Gazprom cut pipeline supply to 40% of capacity, citing the lack of a turbine.

Last month, when Nord Stream 1 resumed operations after a ten-day technical hiatus, it did so at just 20% of usual volume, which Moscow once again blamed on “technical problems”.

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