Beijing 2022: Canadians on social media say Chinese figure skater cheated at Olympics

In the women’s 500m roller skating quarter-final at the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022a controversy broke out with the athlete from China, Kexin fanafter social media claimed the rival cheated.

The Asian skater is accused after throwing during the race a marker placed on the ice towards the skates of the Canadian, Alison Charles.

“Recheck the video footage…it was the Chinese competitor who put the marker in Alyson Charles’ path, not Florence…she’s not touching it in any way…The fan’s arm is in front of Florence who obstructs and then hits the marker with it. hand and then moves it,” Twitter user Glen Molloy said.

This happened while in In the fourth round of the competition, the Chinese competitor was in last place, so she leaned over another skater to grab the marker and throw it, causing the Canadian to fall.

A video has circulated on the networks, where we can see the exact moment when Fan Kexin throws the marker.

Despite what happened, Alyson made it through to the next lap because she was in second place when she stumbled and it wasn’t her fault for the accident.

Finally, Arianna Fontana of Italy won the gold medal, Suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands won silver and Boutin of Australia got bronze.



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